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Well Control Equipment
Well Control Equipment
Model: WCE

Well Control Equipment

Our BOP Stacks, Accumulators and Manifolds are manufactured to comply with strict API Spec 16A, 16C, 16D amd NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 standards. Our BOP Stacks are available in U-Shape, S-Shape, Annular and Diverter configurations with either electric and pneumatic control systems. Our manifolds are available in choke or kill configuration.

BOP Stacks Specification:

Manifold bore size7-1/16" ~ 30
Working Pressure2000 - 20000 psi
Temperature ClassT-0 T-20 T-75
The performance of H2S-proof complies with NACEMR-0175

Production Tests:

  • Chemical analysis

  • Mechanical properties

  • Nondestructive testing

  • Metering Room

  • Metallographic test analysis

  • Oil way strength test of the oil cylinder and hydraulic cylinder of BOP

  • Hydrostatic test of the performance and strength of BOP

Accumulator Specification

Rated Working Pressure21 MPa (3000 psi)
Pressure Range0 - 14 MPa 0 - 2000 psi)
Nitrogen Charging Pressure of Accumulators7 ± 0.7 MPa (1000 ± 100 psi)
Air Supply Pressure(93 - 115 psi)
Pressure Range of Pressure Regulator17.5 - 21 MPa (2500 - 3000 psi)
Pressure Range of Hydro-pneumatic Switch18.9 - 21 MPa (2700 - 3000 psi)

Manifold Specification

Working Pressure2000 Psi - 20000 Psi
Main Flowline Size2-1/16" - 4-1/16"
Choke Flowline Size2-1/16" - 4-1/16"
Kill Line Size2-1/16" - 4-1/16"
Temperature ClassL -U
Material ClassDD EE FF HH
Manufacturing ClassPSL3 PSL3G