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Casing Scraper
Casing Scraper
Model: GX

Casing Scraper

During drilling, fishing, completion or wireline jobs, it is critical for the downhole tools to have a obstruction-free casing so as to increase efficiency. Casing Scraper removes rust, scale, cement, mud, bullets, paraffin, perforation burrs and other obstructions or foreign material from the inside walls of casing.

Maintaining a clean casing is important during drilling operation, fishing or wireline tools. Likewise, packers, patches, spears, and similar tools require clean surfaces to grip. Obstructions on casing walls frequently cause these tools to fail or become difficult to operate.

Our Casing Scraper removes deposits, burrs, and irregularities from casing that might cause trouble during the operation of packers or other close tolerance equipment.

Casing Scraper has two sets of blades. Each blade is constructed using high quality cast steel for excellent scraping characteristics and long-lasting durability.These scraper blades are designed to scrape over 360º of surface area. The

scraper blades are designed with a long taper for passing through casing connections with minimal chance of hanging up.


The Casing Scraper is normally connected to the work string with a drill bit attached at the bottom. Simply run the scraper into the casing or tubing using rotation or spudding to clean the inside wall of the pipe.